Terms and Conditions

By visiting, using or ordering products viewed on www.autohromei.ro you accept and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out in this document. In order to use the site properly, we recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

Information about the Company

The website www.autohromei.ro is managed by HROMEI CARS SERVICE SRL, a limited liability company registered in Romania, with the following details:
CUI: RO 30482467
Nr. Reg. Com.: J07/278/2012
Sediul: Sat Lunca, Com. Varfu Campului, Botoșani, România

Car Rental Location Address. Barbu Delavrancea, Suceava

Services Description

HROMEI CARS SERVICE SRL offers car rental services, including rental options with or without SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) insurance, additional equipment (GPS, child seat, Wi-Fi router, ski rack, snow chains, additional driver) and other car rental related services.

Full details of the services and corresponding rates will be specified on the website www.autohromei.ro.

General rental conditions

After-hours car drop-off ( Mon-Fri: 08:00-17:00): We understand the needs and requirements of our customers, including the desire to benefit from late or unconventional car rental services. If you need your car picked up at the airport or another location, please make a reservation at least 24 hours before the requested time. This allows us to organise our services properly and serve you in the best possible conditions.

Unfortunately, we cannot honour last-minute requests made outside our working hours. Thank you for your understanding and we strive to provide you with a high quality service.

To rent a car, the customer must meet the following requirements:

Be at least 18 years of age;
Hold a valid driving licence with at least 1 year driving experience.
We do not accept expired driver’s licenses, proofs of driving and copies of documents (without originals)!

Required documents:
When renting the car please have the following documents with you:
Identity card (C.I.) or passport (original)
Driving licence (original)
A credit or debit card issued in the name of the main driver (for pre-authorisation of the guarantee). In the case of a debit card, please make sure you have the amount necessary to pre-authorize the guarantee.

Auto Hromei Obligations

The owner is obliged to provide the customer with the car in good working order, fully insured and with paid tolls (roviniette), valid exclusively on Romanian territory.

In the event that one of the cars shown on the website is not available for the period requested, in some cases it is possible to offer a similar car at a comparable price.

Client Obligations

The customer is obliged to return the car in the condition in which it was picked up, together with all documents and accessories that were handed over at the time of rental.
The car will be picked up by the customer with a full tank. The customer is obliged to return the car in the same condition, i.e. with a full tank. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the fuel needed to bring the tank back to its original level.
The car will be handed over clean inside and out. If you are unable to return your car clean, a wash fee will apply.
No smoking inside the car. An additional fee of 50 Euro will be charged if cigarette smell is detected on delivery.
To respect all traffic rules on Romanian territory.
Not to use the car for purposes such as: transporting passengers or goods, towing other cars, racing or rallying, subletting
To respect the number of passengers registered in the car documents
Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that impair driving ability
Notify the agency if the car has any problems, these should only be solved by the authorized service
Loss or destruction of car keys will be charged between 200 and 700 euros.
The loss or destruction of car documents will be charged with 100 euros.
The customer assumes responsibility for the payment of taxes, fines and penalties received while the vehicle is in his use.

Guarantee and Insurance

If the customer opts for the package without insurance, a sum of money will be blocked as a guarantee, which will be returned at the end of the rental if there is no damage to the vehicle.

If the customer chooses the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) package, the warranty will not be required, but a daily fee will be charged depending on the vehicle chosen.

SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) insurance is a supplemental insurance that provides additional protection against damages and incidents that may occur while renting the car. This covers the following types of damage:

Damage caused to the car as a result of a traffic accident or collision, regardless of the fault of the customer or third parties involved.
Damage caused to the car if the customer is at fault for the incident.
Damage caused to the car as a result of theft or attempted theft.
Damage caused to the car as a result of vandalism.
Damage caused to the car in case of natural events such as hail, flood, etc.

Both the SCDW insurance and the rental guarantee cover only persons registered in the contract with the right to drive the rented car.

Terms of payment

Prices displayed on the website include VAT.

All prices, fees and commissions are expressed in EURO and are calculated at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania on the day of payment.

The following methods of payment are accepted at pick-up:

Cash Payment (RON,EURO, GBP, USD )
Credit/debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO)

If the customer chooses to drop off or return the car to another location outside Suceava, an additional fee of 1 € / km will be charged. There is no additional charge for the delivery of the car in Suceava or at Suceava Airport.

Any delay beyond the contractually agreed time will be charged an extra day’s rent for the first 3 hours.

Extension, termination and termination of the contract:

The lease can be extended by consent of both parties by concluding an addendum to the contract.
If the Customer wishes to extend the contract, it is necessary to communicate at least 24 hours before its expiry.

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